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Review: Thought Vibration, William Walker Atkinson

posted by Antonio Thornton @ 5:02 AM
Saturday, February 17, 2007

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Thought Vibration Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World by William Walker Atkinson

Thought Vibration will teach its readers about the POWER of your mind.  Just your everyday, common thoughts are the most powerful energies in the world.  You can provide the world with a positive impact through your thoughts, just as easily as you can provide a negative impact.  You must read this book to find out how your thoughts are creating your reality.  You must see for yourself just how powerful your thoughts are in your life. 

It teaches you some of the following:

*Thought Waves and the Power of Reproduction
*How the Mind Works
*Mind Building
*How to Become Immune to Injurious Thought Attraction
*Law of Mental Control
*Training the Habit Mind
*Psychology of the Emotions
*Developing New Brain Cells
*Attractive Power-Desire Force
*Much, Much More.

Atkinson gets more into the metaphysical premise of the book, but it is really a great book for anyone with an open mind and a desire to learn several new ways to achieve the type of success you desire in your life.  Get your copy today and read more about how the power of your thoughts actually can create a better reality for you.

Review: Living the Art of Allowing, Hicks

posted by Antonio Thornton @ 5:02 AM
Saturday, February 17, 2007

Living the Art of Allowing The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent: Living the Art of Allowing by Esther and Jerry Hicks

“Abraham” is back with more great information.  You’ll learn how to achieve balance in your life, all while having deliberate intent to achieve a specific goal in your life.  The teachings presented in this book will teach you how to have success and happiness, without anymore “bad patches” in your life.  You will experience nothing but happiness instead of unhappiness. 

Can you imagine every little thing going your way and you achieving one accomplishment after another with ease?  If not, then read this book it will tell you how to get to your goals and desired outcomes more rapidly than ever before.  You will enjoy the rapid succession of success because you will be able to be right there waiting for it, since you know that is coming.  They teach you that you need to work on you before you can work on the world.  Get the book today and find out how you can change your inner world to create a better outer world for the future.

Review: The Hidden Power, T. Troward

posted by Antonio Thornton @ 5:01 AM
Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Hidden Power
Judge Thomas Troward created many articles and manuscripts that were never published. Very few of them were found to be unworthy of publishing. This book is a compilations of several works of his, some notes that the author left laying around, and several works that were published in the year 1902 in “EXPRESSION; A Journal of Mind and Thought.” It was a London Publication. Mr. Daniel Murphy painstakingly compiled the book into a feasible format to make it easy to read.

In this compilation you will find such articles as The Hidden Power, The Perversion of Truth, Affirmative Power, Submission, Completeness, Desire as the Motive Power, Yourself {Yes, This is the actual name of the article :)}, Beauty, Separation and Unity, Externalization, The Central Control, among many others.

Judge Troward put much thought into each piece that he created. He wanted to share with the world his enlightened state. I hope that you enjoy the small articles as much as I did. They really can impact you profoundly as you read through them. You may purchase a copy, and grow in your understanding of the philosophical principles that are displayed well in this book.

Review: Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, Lynn Grabhorn

posted by Antonio Thornton @ 5:01 AM
Saturday, February 17, 2007

Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting

Personal examples, from the author, and moderate effort on your part can create a new way of looking at things. Lynn worked hard on this book to challenge and help people to work on their “frame of mind.” What do I mean by “frame of mind?” Well, the book talks about how you frame a subject, belief, idea, etc. For example, saying “I don’t want to be alone,” will attract situations where you are consistently alone. Whereas, changing the phrase to, “I want to have enough people around me that loneliness is a distant memory,” will bring more people into your life. This is also known as the Law of Attraction.

Lynn’s enthusiastic display and drive to motivate the reader to aspire to better things really shows up in this book. She said that we have to control our feelings. But the best part is that she doesn’t just tell you, she also shows you how to do it too. You will be well on your way to creating a future that you would like to have. Many people find after reading this book that they feel compelled to give it away to others who can use the information contained within. That is a small display of just how powerful Lynn’s message is to her readers. You should get your copy today to discover how your feelings are effecting your ability to create a better life.

The Nature of Personal Reality

A non-dogmatic, supernatural phenomena. That is this book in a nutshell. It is about a spirit named “Seth,” who is channeled through Jane, to bring a fresh perspective to the subject of personal reality. Personal reality is relative to the subject of the Law of Attraction in many ways, but the main point the book is trying to bring to light is the fact that WE shape our own realities.

The basic principle of creating the life you want for yourself says that you must go through many experiences in life. Each one of the experiences you encounter builds on itself. Then, you get to where you are going. Take just a moment to reflect on your life. You can see an actual memory path that lead you to where you are today. Different experiences built upon each other to create your current reality. “Seth,” through Jane, teaches us about this, and how we can shape our lives from these experiences. It will probably be the best metaphysical education that you ever get. Get the book(s), check out the information you will be pleasantly surprised when the information you read starts to resonate with you somewhere eep within.

Review: The Hidden Messages in Water, Masaru Emoto

posted by Antonio Thornton @ 4:58 AM
Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Hidden Messages in Water

The Hidden Messages in Water is research done by Masaru Emoto on the effects that thought has on a ice crystal. He showed in his research that when ice forms under positive conditions, ie. positive, loving words, that the ice crystals form complex, colorful snowflake patterns. Alternatively, he showed that when it is exposed to negative conditions, the crystals that form are incomplete and dull in color. The quality of water also affected the resulting crystal formations. This implies that we can positively impact the earth through personal health, positive thoughts, and kind words.

I am sure you have heard of people talking about “talking to” their plants. Did you know that plants that are “talked to” actually show more growth and have better production when they are cared for in this way? It is the same concept for this research. Mr. Emoto is not a scientist, which may be cause for concern when it comes to the statistics, however the research tells just how important water is to our everyday life. We, as human beings, are made up of 70% water. The earths land masses are 70% covered by water. The striking similarities in this sector may actually show that the earth itself is a living entity.Read this book to find out more on the subject and to formulate your own opinion of what you think of the research that Mr. Emoto did on ice.

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