Attract More Money by Giving it to Yourself

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by Antonio Thornton on Friday, July 10, 2009

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Increase Your Checking Account Balance

Living the Law of Attraction involves getting in tune with and raising your vibrational resonance towards those things you desire. To do this, you want to create the feeling of having those things now.

One thing you can do to give yourself the feeling of having more money now is to simply add money into your check book ledger. Now, remember that this is an exercise – I don’t want anyone to bounce checks, and then blame me!

  • What Do You Want? When you look at your balance and see very little there, you can’t help but be reminded of what you don’t have. You need to remind yourself of what you want to have. You want that to be your dominant vibration. For example: “I have plenty of money” or “I am creating for myself additional income in my bank account.”
  • Write It Down What I have done in the past is to add $10,000.00 to my balance. It’s a nice round number, and not too big to be unbelievable. You can easily recognize this as “extra” money and won’t mistakenly spend it. Think of it as money you could spend if you wanted to, but that you choose not to.
  • Visual Reminder When you look at your balance, you will see this nice big number there. It’s a visual reminder that there is abundance in your life. No, your not going to spend it now, but it is yours.

See this $10,000.00 check as your money, and you’re just waiting for it to clear. Begin to spend it mentally, think about what you will do with this money and how will it make you feel.

This is how you can live the Law of Attraction, and you will receive whatever you are most in tune with. So be prepared for your bank account to overflow with abundance!

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