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by Antonio Thornton on Saturday, December 23, 2006

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I just left Shawn Casey’s house.

If you don’t know Shawn, he’s a multi-millionaire Internet Marketer who lives in a 2-1/2 million-dollar home on a PGA golf course.

When I got to his house, he took me to his exclusive country club in his convertible Lexus SC 430.

We hung out there for a while (with several other multi-millionaires), had a great lunch and talked about the projects we’re working on together.

Why am I telling you this…and what does this have to do with the Law Of Attraction?

A couple of things:

First, this is the exact type of lifestyle I’m currently manifesting for myself. In fact, I’m test driving the Lexus SL on Tuesday. So clearly, being in this environment is HUGE for the feeling that’s necessary for manifesting it even faster. Visualization is good, but to experience these things ‘in real life’ is a thousand times more powerful.

Secondly, Shawn mentioned something really interesting to me today (did I mention he’s also a genius?)… He said, “When you look at things as ‘normal occurrences’ in your life, they usually manifest themselves that way…more specifically, you’ll live into them. For example: If you think going out every Friday (or every day for that matter) and getting drunk is “OK” or “normal” then that’s what you’ll do. You’ll find people and circumstances that will make that happen in your life. Contrarily, if you think that hanging out at the country club with your millionaire friends is normal, then you’ll live into that.

The lesson I got out of this was to not look at the houses, the cars and the opulence of the people around me in ‘awe’, but more so as ‘normal’ and ‘expected’. As if I’m supposed to be there…because I am :-)

Thirdly, I discovered (again) that’s it’s a whole lot easier to get to that level of financial wealth than I have been making it.

On the way there, I was listening to The Secret Audio Book. I was on the part where Bob Doyle was talking about how the Universe doesn’t distinguish things as ‘big’ or ‘small’… we’re the ones who do that. We say things like “oh, making a million dollars is going take this long…or that amount of time…or this much work.”

As I was sitting there, Shawn said, “there’s a million way to make a million dollars…and I think I just found two more”. As funny (and powerful as that was) it made me think of something that he told me before, “…that making a million dollars per year is actually easier than making 100K per year.”

Specifically, he showed me a few things that I could easily change to start making the income sooner rather than later.
Fourth, And I’ll have to tell you that the people in the country club looked like their lives were REALLY easy.
So four real lessons here:

1) Go to the places and do the things you want to do NOW…don’t wait until you have the time, money, etc. You have to do these things now so you’ll know how these things feel to you.

2) Look at the things you want as ‘normal’.
3) Don’t look at things as big or small. The Universe can create anything you want. Do your very best to see a million dollars (or what ever you’re striving for) as easy to manifest as a dollar.

4) Enjoy life now and the things you want will follow. Don’t make it any harder than it needs to be.

I’m making it ‘easy’ and ‘normal’ to make 1.5 million dollars in 2007.

How about you?

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