Campaigning For Mediocrity

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by Antonio Thornton on Wednesday, December 5, 2007

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I just got off the phone with a potential client (who I turned down) discussing some of the challenges she was having in her new consulting business.

She kept going on about how she couldn’t do this… how she couldn’t do that.

EVERY suggestion I had, she had a quick comeback with why she either couldn’t do it or why it would work (for her).

She said she didn’t have enough business so I asked what she was doing to advertise…her reply: I don’t have any money to advertise.

I suggested going to networking functions… her reply: I don’t have anyone to watch the kids. Besides, I’ve been to a couple and they don’t work anyway.

I suggested using the Internet to promote her business…her reply: my girlfriend lost $500 advertising on Google, Internet marketing is just a rip-off.

I suggested calling prospects on the phone… her reply: It’s too hard to get in touch with the right people.

I suggested direct mail…her reply: people just throw those things in the trash and my type of clients wouldn’t respond to those anyway.


This went on for a few more minutes

I call this “Campaigning For Mediocrity”

She was putting more time and energy into finding reasons why my ideas wouldn’t work for her business than how they could.

With the mindset she is in, she may as well put up the ‘Closed for business’ sign and be done with it.

Before even giving her business a chance, she was condemning herself to failure.

A lot of people do this. They get into a mindset of looking for how things are going to go wrong, then focus on those things, versus the ways to be more successful. This negative, defeatist mindset is what is keeping them from succeeding, because what you focus on is what you attract.

The key is breaking that cycle.

Instead of just figuring you are stuck where you are and that you can’t be more successful, it’s important to change your mindset to believe you can have much more and achieve much more.

Some people can do this for themselves; others need a little help getting on the right track.

Are you campaigning for mediocrity?

One resource I recommend for helping you stop “Campaigning For Mediocrity” and instead start “Achieving Success” is Wealth Beyond Reason . It’s an online learning institution that will help you use the Law of Attraction to bring more wealth and success into your life.

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