Change, A Sure Sign Of Growth?

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by Antonio Thornton on Monday, December 14, 2009

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Do you ever assess your life? Do you ever wonder if you are making any progress?

To Change Or Not To Change?

To know the answer all you have to do is look for changes in you. Has there been a change in your thinking; in your life style? If yes, then you have grown and if not, then you have been stagnant!

Amazingly everyone seems to be averse to change. However there is no progress without change and no change without progress. Everywhere you look in nature, change seems to be fueling the circle of life. Some changes are natural, some acquired; some are desirable while others are not.

In humans, change and progress are the result of ‘Learning’. No, learning does not stop with school and as someone rightly said, ‘Life is the biggest school and we are all students”! It is this education that we should all be concerned about.

Biggest & Most Valuable Lesson

What has been the greatest or most valuable lesson you have learned in life? Some may say, “Never trust anyone” because they may have been hurt in the past. Others may say, “Money is the most important thing in life; if you have money you have everything”. Each one of us will have different answers as a result of different experiences.

However, these are not lessons but are our response to things that happened to us. The biggest and most valuable lesson that we need to learn is:

“You reap what you sow”

· You sow ‘charity’ you reap a life of abundance and satisfaction.

· You sow ‘happiness’ you reap a life full of joy.

· You sow ‘peace’ you reap a life surrounded by friends and well wishers.

If one can learn this Lesson and put it to practice, he or she can chart the course of their life just as they wish.

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