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by Antonio Thornton on Monday, August 20, 2007

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You’ve all heard me talk about how much I enjoy playing Madden…and no…I STILL don’t like ‘real’ football.

There’s another game I played years ago called The Sims.

It’s a really fun game that allows you to ‘live’ through the characters in the game. You have to control all aspects of their lives – eating, relationships, jobs, sleeping…even showering.

You can create ambitions for your character like financial goals or relationship goals or what ever you’re up for.

The cool thing is that your character in the game actually reflects your life.

Like if you’re messy in ‘real life’, your character usually ends up being messy in the game. If you aren’t good with money in ‘real’ life, your character in the game most likely is getting their stuff repo’ed.

It’s pretty neat.

As I was playing, I was thought about how I’m made the shift that I’ve made in my life and the decisions I made based on where I was at the time.

The one thing that hit me like a ton of bricks is realization that I have TOTAL control of my life, just like the guy I was controlling in the game. Whether consciously or not, I am creating this ‘game’ I’m playing called “my life”.

I noticed the FEELINGS I was experiencing while doing certain activities in the game. Building a larger house, buying the expensive items. I was feeling the same way I felt in the ‘real’ world.

Here’s the powerful revelation:

There is no ‘real’ world.

It’s ALL a game.

If I lost my house in the ‘real’ world, I can just get another one.

If I had a car stolen in the ‘real’ world, I can jut get another one.

Just like in the game.

Life isn’t over when you lose your ‘stuff’… in fact, it’s not over when you lose your ‘life’ either (But that’s for another post)

Stop living your life like it’s so ‘significant’. It’s just a game. Have fun. Get a bunch of stuff…lose a bunch of stuff and start over.

Practical Application

Get The Sims.. Whether you like video games or not. It’s a great way to see how much of a game life is. It will allow you to ‘practice’ living the life you want.

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