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by Antonio Thornton on Thursday, March 1, 2007

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Einstein once said,

“The problems that exist in the world cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.”

This is so true. That’s one of the reasons why doing new things is so powerful. It stretches your mind and forces you to get out of your ‘comfort zone’. Even if it’s only ‘little’ things.

In yesterday’s law of attraction blog post I talked about doing something different and encouraged everyone to come to the blog and post what they’re doing differently.

I’m going to start the thread in this post by submitting what I did differently today….

As many of you know, I NEVER (EVER) answer my phone live…I just get way too many calls. But today, I answered the phone every time. As a result, I had a great conversation that I wouldn’t have had otherwise and I won an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas…just kidding (I must be on a time share calling list :-) )

Anyway, just answering the phone was really different for me, so that was pretty interesting.

So your turn… what did you do differently today???!

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