Feel Rich Then Become Rich

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by Antonio Thornton on Monday, August 10, 2009

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There are many of you who would like to have more wealth.  Don’t worry – it doesn’t mean you’re a greedy person.  It’s natural to desire more money so that you can do many of the things that will bring you (and others you know) more happiness.

Rather than wishing for money, you need to do whatever you can to feel as if you already have it.  I understand that this can be hard to do when your bank statement tells you that you’re currently broke, but it can be done.

For example, don’t just say to yourself that you’d like a nice suit, imagine that you own it right now.  Find a picture of a suit that you like, and picture it being in your closet.  See yourself putting it on and looking in the mirror – don’t you look good in it?  Make sure that you focus on specific details: button the buttons, put your hands in the pockets, adjust your tie (and check to see if your fly is open).

Here are some more things you might try in order to make your visualizations as real as possible:

  • Go to an auto dealership and test-drive the car of your dreams.
  • Go to an expensive restaurant.  Look through the menu and consider ordering the steak and lobster, but then decide that you’re pretty full and that you’ll just get a dessert.
  • Call a real estate agent and have them show you an expensive home.  Walk through it, and imagine yourself watching television in the living room, playing pool in the game room, and lounging in the whirlpool while you drink a glass of wine.

I think you get my point.  Do whatever you can to feel wealthy at this moment – now!  You’ll then be more in tune with having money and the things that money can buy.  This will be the vibration that you send out into the universe, and this will be what the universe will deliver to you.

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