How Dare You Not Let Me Kill Myself

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by Antonio Thornton on Sunday, December 30, 2007

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I’m sitting here in a Marriott hotel lobby and overheard an amazing conversation…

Apparently this hotel doesn’t allow smoking and a woman who made reservations didn’t know this.

So as she was checking in, she asked for a smoking room and the woman behind the desk informed her that they didn’t have smoking rooms.

The woman says the following,

“Are you f-ing kidding me?!? What’s wrong with you people?!? I can’t smoke anywhere in this God forsaken state!”

The woman behind the desk replies, (very courteously) “Georgia has banned smoking in restaurants, but individual hotels have the option of offering smoking rooms, we’ve chosen not to…I’m sorry about that ma’am.”

The customer asks the woman, “Are all hotels this dumb?” Then goes into this tirade about how preposterous it is that she can’t smoke where she pleases and how she’s ‘outraged’ and will go to another hotel… bla, bla, bla.


This scene would have been funny other than the fact that I realized what this woman was actually doing – fighting for the right to kill herself.

If you’ve wanted another example of people Campaigning For Mediocrity… here it is.

I could understand if the hotel didn’t allow kids or something…but smoking? Is smoking (slowly killing yourself) that important to you?

I’ve never been a smoker and never will be… so I’ll never understand this addiction. But to cuss-out an innocent person and storm out of the hotel the way the woman did, you’d think she was addicted to crack.

I don’t get it

After she left, the people standing around the front desk were dumbfounded. I threw in my 2 cents… “Well, another alternative is to just stop smoking!”

Exit…stage left…gut busting laughter.

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