How to Make Your Visualizations More Effective

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by Antonio Thornton on Monday, June 29, 2009

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Visualizing what you want is a key step in changing your reality, and the more tangible you can make your visualizations, the greater the benefits will be. But don’t just rely on your visual sense – try to use all of your senses to make the experience more concrete.

Use All of Your Senses to Make Your Visualizations as Real as Possible

The sense of sight is the dominant sense with human beings. We define the world predominantly using this one sense. Though the term “Visualization” means getting a visual picture in our minds, the other senses can play an important role in making the experience more real.

In fact, the other senses sometimes have a greater effect on our emotional reaction to the world. Think of the way that certain smells will trigger strong feelings. For instance, the smell of freshly cut grass can make us think of playing outside with friends when we were children, which causes a strong emotional response. (I’ve read that smells trigger emotions more than any other sensory experience.)

If there’s a particular car that you want to attract you should:

  • Visualize a detailed picture in your mind
  • Feel the steering wheel in your hands and the soft seat cushions
  • Hear the sound of the motor
  • Smell that “new car smell”

By using all of your senses you’ll find that your “visualizations” will feel much more real and more pleasant. Try this yourself, and you’ll see what I mean.

Practical Application

  • Visualization is not only using your sense of sight but also utilizing as many senses in your visualization process, this will make it more believable
  • Visualizing in your mind, vision boards, or putting quotes and pictures near things you use on a regular basis are great exercises
  • Keep that goal fresh in your mind with some type of Visualization exercise and it will be real before you know it

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