How To Overcome Your Fears And Attract Your Dreams In 3 Easy Steps

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by Antonio Thornton on Thursday, January 7, 2010

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Worst Case Scenarios

You may still be thinking about your goals for this New Year, but fear may be holding you back from actually moving forward.

When you stop to think about the risks, you would see that there really are none. You actually gain from overcoming certain fears. You may gain wisdom, self-esteem, or even a new business venture.

You may also picture the worst case scenarios that could happen. While this might be a possibility, you probably have also come to realize that the worst case scenarios, more often than not, never happen.

Fearing to Overcome Fear

Why do you hesitate to overcome your fear? Is it because you think that you have something to risk? Maybe it’s because you have lost your self-confidence?

These emotions that you may feel are all by choice; you induce them upon yourself they don’t come from your fears. You choose to feel a lack of confidence or doubtful about yourself or the goal, which causes this fear. So there are times when you simply have to get over it quickly.

It Only Seems Real

The acronym for FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s the ‘appearing real’ part that we have to really pay attention to. If it appears real in our perception, it appears real in our reality, and that is significant enough to ultimately prevent you from overcoming your fears and accomplishing your goals.

Follow these steps to overcome your fears now:

1. Write down all your fears that are holding you back.

2. Say to yourself “I will no longer allow you fears to keep me from the life I desire. I decide right now that  I’m in control and I can have the life I want. I can accomplish any goal I set before myself. I am free of your bonds and I release you.”

3. Then take the paper and burn it.

This is symbolic of you letting your fears go completely and there’s no looking back.

No longer allow fear to control your life. Now is the time to move forward toward the life you deserve!

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