I Get High On My Own Supply

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by Antonio Thornton on Monday, November 6, 2006

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Okay, okay…ease your mind. Antonio is NOT a drug dealer…I’m talking about energy.

I get high off my own supply of energy. Meaning: I don’t look for outside things to ‘make’ me happy.

This is very important to remember when you’re going about your day manifesting and creating. Of course there are things outside of you that can and will make you happy, but you don’t want to depend on those things.

  • Don’t depend on your mate or a loving loving relationship…
  • Don’t depend on your job…
  • Don’t depend on your bank account…
  • Don’t depend on someone else’s happiness…
  • and what ever you do, don’t wait for approval or permission to be happy.

One of the dangers of looking to other things to make you happy is that even if these things do make you happy, when they’re gone…what happens then?

Things will come and go in life and if you solely attach your happiness to these things, you find yourself on a constant roller coaster ever time one of ‘happy makers” comes or goes.

Find that place in your mind that brings you joy and go there. Whether it’s a memory, focused thoughts of what’s to come or even more powerful, thoughts of gratitude. One of the best ways to find happiness in the now is to be thankful for what you do have.

  • Obviously if you’re reading this you have (or have access to) a computer…
  • You’re computer savvy enough to find this blog…
  • you can read…
  • you can breathe…
  • you’re alive…hello?!?

Another reason to look for happiness within is that if you’re constantly seeking happiness ‘out there”, it will forever be ‘out there’. Forever unreachable, unachievable, unobtainable…because ‘out there’ only exists to the degree we choose it to.

Carrot on a stick...If you’re chasing happiness in other things, you’ll find yourself in a perpetual state of chasing. Like the carrot on the stick. You see (or think you see) happiness before you, but the closer you get to it, the further away it appears. And it HAS to appear that way because that’s the way you create it.

I remember someone saying, “Happiness is an inside job”. Law of Attraction states that you attract to yourself what you think about the most. So the level you’re vibrating on is what you attract to yourself.

Be happy and you’ll attract even more ‘happy’ to you.

Get high on your own supply!

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