I’m Worried About You!

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by Antonio Thornton on Sunday, November 5, 2006

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What are you worried about…right now?

Rent? A Date? A New Client?



Exactly…stop worrying about it. As far as the Law Of Attraction is concerned, worrying is just like visualization…just as powerful. Worrying is creating what you don’t want.

“Well, Antonio, I have to worry about some things…!”

Okay, if you have to worry, worry about what you want.

Like I’m worried that I’m going to make 2.5 million dollars this year….

I’m worried that I’m going to find an amazingly phenomenal woman that I’m going to have an outrageous marriage with….
I’m worried that you’re going to get everything you desire… :-)

Stop worrying!! >> or at least worry about the good things

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