Law Of Attraction And The Empty Basket

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by Antonio Thornton on Friday, April 2, 2010

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I just left the grocery store and got more than what I bargained for…another Law of Attraction life lesson.

Here is another great example of why it’s so important to be clear on what you want:

So here I am, doing some ‘quick’ grocery shopping, but I ended up getting way too many things…as usual. (My mother always said, “never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry…’cause you end up buying too much stuff.” So, what to I do??? the opposite…of course :-)

So, as I’m gathering the items that I wanted, I found myself having to balance things in one arm, hold things under my other arm…to the point where I was about to drop everything on the floor…And since one of the items was a glass container, I didn’t want to drop it and I figured I needed a basket. Duh.

But… I was all the way in the back of the store and I didn’t want to walk “all the way” back up to the front to get a basket. So, I put out the intention (and even said aloud) “There will be an empty basket around the corner…”

And guess what happened???

I found an empty basket around the corner…

Whoo Hoo! Good for me, right?

Well, not quite. This is what I found:
Law of Attraction and the empty basket

It wasn’t a shopping basket.

It was the basket that was used for free samples…and it happened to be empty.

So, I got exactly what I asked for…but not exactly what I wanted.

Practical Application

Be clear on what you ask for…or you just might get it.

Peace V

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