Law Of Attraction: Attracting “Horror” – Part 1

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by Antonio Thornton on Tuesday, February 20, 2007

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I was on Netflix the other day looking for that show “Extras” ‘(and by the way, yes I know Blockbuster has a better deal, bla, bla, bla)

Well anyway, when I found the DVD, I went to look for some other movies. So I clicked on the button that says ‘search by category’, and as I was scrolling through the categories, I found a category called “Horror” – hilarious. So just for kicks, I clicked on the link just to see what was there; (of course, I knew there would be material there for my podcast ;-)

but anyway…

I clicked on the link just to see what in the world would be considered as “horror”. Of course there was your basic stuff…your Friday the 13th, your Jasons. But there was this new stuff like Saw 3, Resident Evil, From Hell and a movie called Shaun of the Dead… OK. I just think it’s absolutely amazing that someone would intentionally horrify themselves.

You know, you imagine yourself: jogging down the street or something and a dog comes running at you barking and growling about to get you…that’s pretty scary, that could be considered as horrifying. Or imagine, driving down the road or something, and you see a horrible accident, there’s blood and gore…again, that could be horrific.

So I found it really interesting that people actually participate in this intentionally under the guise of entertainment.

So here you have someone who’s in a pretty good mood or a neutral mood… they’re just sitting there minding they’re own business and they say, “Well hey, I wanna go to a movie.” So they open up the newspaper and they see different movies, you’ve got romance, you’ve got comedy, you’ve got documentaries, you’ve got all these different types of movies, yet they see one movie, and they say “Wow! This looks pretty scary. I’d like to go see this.”

So, they intentionally go to scare themselves to death, and not only do they scare themselves, they actually call other people, who mind you, prior to their call was minding their own business in a good mood. They call other people to go participate in scaring yourself to death.

I think we can all agree that horrible things like bad accidents and wars and shootings, stabbing, killing, blood, and gore and all that stuff, you know, we agree that’s not a good thing as relates to where your vibrating and your emotional state. Am I right?

But, so that I’m clear on this, let me get this straight: So what you’re doing is that you’re picking up the phone and calling someone who otherwise is doing okay or in a good mood to say, “Hey! Would you like to come with me to be horrified for an hour and a half to two hours?” and this other person says, “Sure, I was just sitting here in a good mood. Yeah! I’d love to be scared and frightened. Yes, I would love to do that.”

Now, is it just me? Am I missing something here? It’s like the equivalent of calling up your buddies and saying, “Hey man, let’s go hang out at the emergency room and watch all of the people coming in who’ve been hit by cars.” or saying, “Hey man, what are you doing? Let’s go hang out at the slaughter house and watch the animals get slaughtered before they end up our dinner plates.” Yeah, as you know I’m a vegetarian.

So, I’m not getting it. There’s obviously something I’m missing. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed horror shows, Friday the 13th, Jason, all of those things. So, maybe someone can explain the horror movie phenomenon to me.

Part 2 on the way…

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