Basics of the Law of Attraction

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by Antonio Thornton on Sunday, December 30, 2007

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Basics of the Law of Attraction

There are few places that you can go right now and not see or hear about the Law of Attraction and the wonder that it can perform in your life. There are now books upon books about what the Law of Attraction is, if you can believe in God and still follow the Law of Attraction and books stating that it is a scam.

As an educated person, I encourage you to read those books. It is always important to get as much information as you can before making a decision. Here I am going to give you the basics of what the Law of Attraction is. I am not going to try to convince you to follow it, live by it or believe in it. This is simply an explanation of the Law of Attraction is.

The Law of Attraction is one of the universal laws. Depending on who you ask or what source you go to will depend on how many universal laws they will recognize but they all agree on the Law of Attraction. In the most simplistic of terms, the Law of Attraction states that ôLike attracts like.ö The second principle of the Law of Attraction is being thankful for what you have. Stop focusing on what you do not have in life, because then you will never have it, and instead be thankful for what you do have and then you will get more of it.

There are medical examples of Law of Attraction at work, though not called the Law of Attraction. The placebo effect, for one, the placebo is usually a sugar pill that is given to half of the patients in a medical study when they are trying to figure out the effectiveness of a medicine. All of the patients are told about the drug they are being given and what it is expected to do.

So each and every patient goes into the study knowing the benefit, and each one goes in thinking that they are being given the medicine. The ‘funny’ thing is, that the patients that receive the placebo will experience the same benefits as those that got the real medicine. They believed that it was going to work and it did.

Another medical example of the power of your thoughts, mind and the connection to manifesting reality is found in the doctor’s office. Many doctors do not disclose side effects of medicines to patients anymore. You will be given the information to read, but not told. This is because all to often, when a patient knows what they side effects are they start to expect the side effects and then those side effects develop.

Really what you need to know is that you receive in your life what you think about most. That is the Law of Attraction. Think about it and it will make sense. It may not give you the riches of the world but it will offer clarity to your life and why you are where you are. I can offer you examples galore, but it is something that you have to experience to believe.

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