Living The Law Of Attraction – Choosing To Keep A Positive Focus in “Tough” Economic Times

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by Antonio Thornton on Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Keep this one thing in mind: It’s within your power to make this time the opportunity of a lifetime.

Those of you who are familiar with the basic principles of the Law of Attraction know that putting attention on a lack of money will only lead to greater lack. You must focus on prosperity if that’s what you want to manifest in your life.

However, a lot of people ask me, “How can I focus my attention on wealth, when I’m bombarded with news of the serious economic problems in the world right now?”

My first answer to that is: Stop doing that!

What do I mean??? Stop subjecting yourself to the bombardment of doom and gloom.

  • Stop watching the negative news
  • Stop reading the negative articles in the paper
  • Stop hanging out with negative people who talk about doom and gloom
  • And more importantly, YOU must stop talking, thinking, and worrying about it.

People see their 401k funds getting smaller, hear about more home foreclosures, and see the jobless rate continue to increase. “This is the reality I live in,” they will say, “…so how can I possibly bring wealth into my life during these times?”

My answer: Choose to!

Think about this: just as a booming economy does not guarantee you will be wealthy, a so-called “recession” does not mean that you cannot thrive financially. Let me assure you that your prosperity is entirely in your control – always!

Yes, it’s more difficult to keep your attention on wealth when others seem so intent on focusing on scarcity. But if your positive outlook depends on the “collective reality” of other people, you can never become the master of your life.

Think of this as a time of great opportunity! You might have been doing well when the stock market was booming, but maybe you were only “going along for the ride”. Were you creating your reality through your own intention, or were you simply following the will of others?

Now you know that if want a prosperous future, you must create it yourself. See this as the moment you once and for all declare your independence and seize control of your life.

Again, stop watching the news! You’re now being inundated with stories about the state of the economy. Watch a nature program to remind you of the world’s beauty, or a comedy that makes you laugh. This will put you in a positive state of mind.

When you can’t avoid hearing negative news, remind yourself that this simply serves to provide you with contrast. Let it point you in the direction of what you do want, and put your undivided attention on prosperity.

Think of all the good things you have in your life now. Look at the beautiful world that surrounds you. Feel grateful for this. Then think of the happy, prosperous future that awaits you. That future is actually here already – it’s just waiting for you to decide it belongs to you.

Practical Application
Take control of your life… you’re not subject to the whims of any economic situation until you allow yourself to be. Great economic times won’t guarantee your success, just as “rough” economic times don’t guarantee your economic failure.

YOU get to choose.

So choose!

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