Living The Law of Attraction: The Rock In My Sock & Stopping Irritations From Ruining Your Life

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by Antonio Thornton on Thursday, March 26, 2009

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I’m 5’9″ and weigh about 170 pounds. (no jokes please…yes I know I need to lose some weight :-) )

Though I’m as “big” as I am…I ended up getting totally frustrated by something that was about 1/10,000th my size.

I got a tiny pebble in my shoe.

This pebble had to be about 2 millimeters round… so small that it would have taken about 100 of them to equal the size of a penny. But it got in my shoe somehow and it was irritating me.

The funny thing is that I noticed it as I was walking into the building where I was about to do a presentation. I “tried” to ignore it so I could just do the presentation, but the irritation was so bad that it actually started impacting my performance.

It got so bad that I actually had to stop in the middle of the presentation and take off my shoe to remove it….geez!

So once I got the pebble out, the irritation was gone and I went on to complete a fabulous workshop.

So what’s the moral of this story?

Find the pebbles in your life and get rid of them.

The pebble in my shoe was something that needed ‘immediate attention, but sometimes we can allow things to just linger on, causing subconscious unrest and irritation.

If this goes on too long, it can start having a huge impact in other area of your life.

Practical Application

Sometimes we allow “little bitty” things to irritate us. Whether or not we do this consciously or not, we allow the little irritations to bother us, which can sometimes negatively impact other areas of our lives…when we can just as easily get rid of them.

Some “pebbles” you may want to get rid of:
The garage that needs to be cleaned
That broken char that need to be thrown out
The touch-up paint job that needs to be completed
Anything you’ve been ‘putting off’ for months/years

Get rid of these things because they could be robbing you of your joy.

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