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by Antonio Thornton on Thursday, January 4, 2007

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I was going through some old MS Excel files while doing some reorganization and I ran across a file named “double_a_penny”. I opened it and I was pleasantly surprised to see a chart I did about 10 years ago that calculated the amount of money you’d have by doubling a penny every day.

It’s a pretty neat concept, in that by day 30, you’d have over 5 million dollars. It went something like this…

DAY 1 $0.01
DAY 2 $0.02
DAY 3 $0.04
DAY 4 $0.08
DAY 5 $0.16
DAY 6 $0.32
DAY 7 $0.64
DAY 8 $1.28
DAY 9 $2.56
DAY 25 $167,772.16
DAY 26 $335,544.32
DAY 27 $671,088.64
DAY 28 $1,342,177.28
DAY 29 $2,684,354.56
DAY 30 $5,368,709.12

I used this in my financial seminars to explain the concept of compounding. If you would like a copy of this just email me at doubleapenny {a t} (obviously, just replace {a t} with the @ symbol)

As I was sitting there, a really funky idea hit me….

What if I did the same thing for my new business..but just on a bigger scale.

What if I focused on making 1 single dollar this week;

then focused on making $2 dollars next week;

then $4; then $8; then $16…

By week 12 (only 3 short months from now) I’d be earning $2,000 per week ($2,048.00 to be exact) from this new venture.
That’s not bad.

Well, just one month later…If i continued the doubling, at week 16, I’d be at $32,768.00 – PER WEEK! That’s about $130K per month.

Now here’s the interesting part…as you know, last October I made $100K in a week. Which, at that time, was the most money I’d made in that amount of time.

The tricky part to this in week 18, the income is $131K per week. Now, this may seem like a lot of money…and it is. But there are people I know personally who are making this amount of income week-in and week-out. BUT, the truth is…

I don’t believe I can make that amount of money consistently.

So guess what? I won’t. The Law Of Attraction states that you’ll only attract to you what you believe you will. Beliefs are what create your thoughts, your feelings, your words, your actions, and ultimately, your reality. So you can only achieve what you believe…and admittedly, I don’t believe I can earn $130K per week right now.

But let’s jump back to week 16 – The $32K week.

I’ve made $32K per week before so, I can feasibly wrap my brain around making that kind of income.

But here’s the funny part. What if I did this entire process and got stuck at $32K per week?

Would that be such a horrible thing? Would it be terribly disappointing to earn almost $130K per month from a new business venture after 4 months?

So, here we are…Jan 4th, 2007. I just checked my stats and I’ve earned $.41 this week. So I’m a little under halfway there to making my dollar for the week.

I’m going to do a couple of things to make my other $.59 for this week, then focus on $2 next week. Then $4 the next week. Up to my $32K per week in April.
I think this will be fun.

Anyone want to join me?

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