I Hope You Get What You Deserve

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by Antonio Thornton on Tuesday, January 9, 2007

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Most times when you hear this phrase, it’s someone wishing ill-will on someone else.

I’m wishing you get the things you feel you deserve in life….but I’ll ask you this:? “What do you feel you ‘deserve’?

If you feel you deserve happiness and harmony in your life, then I hope you get that, If you feel you deserve wealth and abundance, then I hope you get that

In fact, you are getting the things you ‘deserve’ right now.

Your belief in what you deserve in life is what’s showing up for you.

That’s what the Universe provides – what you believe you can have, can achieve, or ‘deserve’. And it provides in a totally non-biased, non-judgmental and supporting way – every time.

So if you believe you should be in a rut in your life, the Universe will support you in that. The Universe doesn’t look at your desires as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘right’ or ‘wrong. You communicate to the Universe what you want through your thoughts, your words and your actions. Then these things manifest into your reality – every time.

So ask yourself, “what DO you ‘deserve’?”

Because you’re getting it right now. And if it isn’t what you want in your life, then change your thoughts?

Here’s to you getting what you deserve.

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