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by Antonio Thornton on Monday, January 15, 2007

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As you know…I’ve been attracting money to myself like a magnet. I found another penny two days ago. :-)

The cool thing is that not only am I attracting money to myself, but I’m attracting money to people around me too!

Last night, I went out with a friend and as we were walking, she found a quarter. I got really excited for her and I said, “Good for you…you are a money magnet!!!!” She looked at me like I was nuts, but couldn’t help but to be excited too because of my enthusiasm.

This morning, she sent me a text message that she found another quarter. WOW

But that’s not even the amazing part…

Just 3 hours later, she sent me another text message that she just found FIFTY BUCKS near her mailbox!!!

This just happened like 3 minutes ago…and I had to write about it to share with you all.

I hope you have your money antenna up attracting more wealth and abundance to yourself…

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