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by Antonio Thornton on Friday, July 6, 2007

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Nikki and I were talking the other day and I had some music playing in the background.

Somehow the subject of the music were listening to came up in our conversation and she shared with me what she thought about it.

She was telling me that it was poorly done and didn’t sound like ‘real instrumentation’ . One comment I remember her sayng was, “It sounds like the soundtrack from a bad 80’s movie…”

Interestingly enough (and unbeknownst to her) it was MY music…


I used to run a production studio years ago and had just found some of my old music. I thought I’d lost a lot of my music in a computer crash years ago, so I was really excited about finding these tracks. They were the ones I’d taken the time to record to wav (we didn’t have mp3 at the time :-) ). I spent a lot of the day listening to the tracks…they reminded me of some really good times.

So you can imagine how I felt sitting there listening to her describing my music.

However, it made me think of a couple of things that have allowed me to choose to let this situation be empowering instead of deflating:

1) I can’t expect ANYTHING I do to appeal to everyone in the world…not even the people who care about me. Whether it’s music, a seminar, a blog post…ANYTHING…I do, I have to do for me. I can’t stop what I’m doing to appease others. If I did, I’d never do anything.

2) It made me a little more sensitive to my own comments about things. I’ve been known to say something is ‘stupid’ or ‘garbage’ because I didn’t like it…geez, how arrogant is that? It’s one thing to not like something, it’s an entirely different thing to trash it.

I’m going to be more careful with my comments about things from now on. You never know who you’re talking to.



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