Rendezvous With The Repo Man

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by Antonio Thornton on Friday, May 25, 2007

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March 23,1998 –

I was awakened by the sound of chains rattling
outside my window…

no it wasn’t Casper the friendly ghost…

it was Russ the Repo Man!

He was hoisting my 3-year-old Nissan Sentra onto
the flat bed and was about to pull off.

I threw on some pants and ran outside to try to
catch him.

He was gone.

I grabbed the keys to my truck, jumped in and raced down the street to catch him.

It was 3am.There wasn’t any traffic

I was flying down the street like a crazy man.

I caught up with him at a red light.

I rolled the window down and blew the horn to get his attention.

He ignored me.

I pulled my truck over in front of him.

He got out of the truck and started yelling at me.

I told him that was my car on the back of his truck and he cut me off to tell me:

“Man, I’m just doin’ my job, if you’ve got a problem with it, you should have paid your f*ing car note. ”

I stayed calm.

I didn’t yell or curse back because…he was right.

I told him that I wasn’t trying to be hostile towards him, I had some important things in the car I needed to get.

Because I was so calm and cordial, he allowed me.

As I was getting my stuff, he told me about some of his repo stories….geez.

I know why they carry guns now.

After gathering my things, I shook the guys hand and drove home.

When I got there,

I cried.

It wasn’t just about the car… it was because I had it TAKEN from me because I COULDN’T pay anymore.

I felt helpless.

But that was just the beginning. It was the first in a series of unfortunate events that occurred over the next few months.

The Good news…I was able to turn things around -very quickly and in a big way.

Just under 6 months later, I was bringing in $250,000 per year in my computer networking business.

Not by luck…but by changing my focus.

I focused on the good in my life and not the bad. I simply used the 5 “money-making” habits used by the world’s richest people.

It can really be hard to do sometimes…

Especially when we’re in the midst of ‘turmoil’. But you can’t allow that to rob you of your joy.

If you do, you’re only going to get more of it.

Practical Application

You have to change your focus to change your life. If you’re in a bad financial situation, do the best you can to focus on the things you want. Imagine the things you’ll do when you get the money you want. Imagine how you’ll feel when you have the money in the bank account and you’ll see your life start changing

Action Item
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I know your money may be tight right now, it was for me at the time I was getting my car repoed. But using these money rules, I was able to turn my life around in less than 6 months. You can’t afford NOT to get this book. It will change your perspective on money forever.

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Yours In Creation,


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