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by Antonio Thornton on Sunday, June 1, 2008

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I fell asleep last night with Aria on my chest… I was in the half-awake/half-sleep phase…but I was dreaming.

I was having a dream about a video game I used to play and the people in the game were chasing me. In the dream, they’d almost got me when I was awakened by Aria crying. Not only was she crying, she was flailing her arms about… as if she were scared.

Aria & Antonio Sleeping

I wouldn’t make a deal about this, but it happened twice with me and once with Nikki.

I saw a movie years ago… I can’t remember the title, but there was a line in the movie that went something like, “babies can talk to animals until the grow up and forget…”

You think babies have ‘abilities’ that we (as adults) may either forget or convinced they don’t exist?

Something To Ponder

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