“Step” Out On Faith

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by Antonio Thornton on Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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How strong is your belief?

One of my favorite movies, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade gives a perfect example of faith walking.

In the movie, Indy is after The Holy Grail. He’s being tested all along the way as he tries to get the relic, and one of those tests is taking a step of faith.

Indiana is standing at one side of a seemingly bottomless gorge. He has to get to the other side to get the grail. It’s too far to jump and there’s nothing for him to swing across on with his famous whip.

He remembers what a guy told him earlier in the movie about faith creating a path for him.

So, he gets himself (his belief) together and he steps out over the edge, as if he’s going to just step into nothingness. Amazingly, as he takes the steps, a bridge appears out of nowhere right under his feet. Every step he takes, more and more of the bridge starts to appear.

I love that scene.

I think this is one of the keys to having the life we want. “Stepping” out on the faith that everything is going to be okay.

Was that an easy step to take? Of course not!

Your brain’s telling you “logically” that there’s no step ahead, but your faith tells you otherwise…sometimes that can be a very difficult choice to make.

In this case, Indy followed his faith and moved forward.

While it was a very scary step to take, it paid off.

Your life is no different.

Is your belief system strong enough that you would have been willing to step out over a seemingly bottomless pit based purely on faith?

If not, why not?

While you may not be faced with a bottomless pit you must cross to get to the Holy Grail, there are similar things that will happen in your life.

It may be taking a step away from your comfort zone in the quest for a dream job.

Many goals in your life may seem unreachable. You may think there is an endless pit between you and that goal.

You must have a strong enough belief system to know you can take that step, and a bridge will materialize under your feet.

What goals and dreams do you have that you have stopped reaching for?


You must build your faith to know that when you believe in a goal or a dream, and you put your energy into achieving that dream, you can do it.

If your faith is wavering, this is a time to reassess your belief system, and why you have allowed it to weaken.

You should see all things in life as possible, and know that positive thinking and your faith will always put that proverbial bridge in front of you when you need it.

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