Stop Crapping On Yourself, You’re A Genius…

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by Antonio Thornton on Tuesday, May 1, 2007

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I just got back from what I think was one of the most amazing marketing events I’ve attended in my life.

It was a marketing conference…but not just ANY marking conference. THE marketing conference of the decade…and I don’t say that lightly. If this gives you any idea: they were charging $10,000 per person.

Not only were all the presenters top-notch marketers, but EVERY person in the audience was a “mover-and-shaker.” It was like a “who’s-who” of the marketing community.

At one point of the conference, I was standing in the back of the room with a guy I knew and we calculated that there was about 600-800 million dollars of revenue generated from the people in that room. Amazing!

Anyway, long story short…

I have to admit that I was rather intimidated initially. A lot of the guys in the room were people who I’d learned from years ago…so it was a little overwhelming at first.

I started going into a ‘not worthy’ feeling and began feeling bad.

Let me show you how the Law of Attraction works BOTH WAYS…

I started this totally destructive conversation in my head about “how I’m not smart enough”, “how I shouldn’t be there”, “how no one would want to talk to me”, etc.

It was horrible.

Shortly after, we broke for lunch in a ballroom designated for the people at this event.

So, I’m in line (at the end) and when I get inside, I see that the majority of the tables are already taken.

So I rush to get my food only to find out that EVERY SINGLE SEAT was taken.

A few minutes later, the wait staff brought out another table, so I’m sitting there at this table – BY MYSELF.

I felt like crap…and I should have, because I created it for myself.

I sent out the intention that I shouldn’t be there and no one would talk to me and guess what I got? Just what I ‘asked’ for…sitting at a table by myself in a room full of people.

I got up and left.

I had to.

I was spiraling down a path that was totally unproductive and was getting worse by the moment.

So I stood outside for a moment and starting doing a Law of Attraction exercise I’ve been using to change my mind-state. I was focusing on people talking to me and wanting to do business with me.

About 30 seconds later, a guy I knew walked up and asked me “what’s wrong?”

Initially, I was going to lie and say, “Oh, nothing…just needed some fresh air..” But for some strange reason, I decided not to. I felt that he would have somehow “known”. So, I told him what was bothering me.

It was a little odd at first, because though we’ve known each other for several years, we don’t have that type of relationship. Nevertheless, I felt better after telling him.

And his reply to me was just what I needed to hear.

He said, “Dude, stop [crapping] on yourself…you’re a marketing genius! I just read about that product you launched in a marketing forum and they were talking about how cool it was that you made $100K in a week.”

He went on to say, “You’re here aren’t you? If you weren’t supposed to be here, you wouldn’t [freakin’] be here. There are thousands of people who’d give their left [arm] to be in a room full of multi-millionaire marketers, and they’re not…you are”


Talk about a timely message.

Immediately I felt better and we went back into the room and sat down and ate.

A few minutes later, the actual guys who were putting on the event sat down at the table with me and they shared some pretty powerful ideas that totally blew me away (more on that later).

What an extraordinary experience!

The law of attraction is an absolutely amazing. Within a matter of minutes, I created a totally destructive situation for myself, but was able to turn it around to move myself into a much more empowering place.

The moral of the story,

Stay aware of how you’re feeling and especially what you’re thinking. It’s amazing how powerful the brain is and what you can create for yourself.

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