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Oops… Costa Rica Day 4

posted by Antonio Thornton @ 7:32 PM
Monday, October 29, 2007

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I’ve been having so much fun that I forgot to update the blog. :-)

This is truly a dream come true (literally). This is exactly what I’ve been visualizing. Getting married, being in Costa Rica. It’s amazing how great life becomes when you learn how to use the law of attraction I’ll talk more about the power of manifesting your desires later.

Here are a few shots of Costa Rica

1st photo from the airport

San Jose Costa Rica Airport

Driving down the street

Costa Rica City Street

A shot of the hotel lobby

Los Suenos Hotel

Nikki and I at the hotel

Los Suenos Hotel

Of course, me on the laptop

Los Suenos Hotel Room Antonio Thornton

More to come…

No Autographs Please…

posted by Antonio Thornton @ 11:26 AM
Friday, June 29, 2007

If you’re up past midnight you may or may not have seen an infomercial selling an internet marketing product called, “Clicks to Cash.” It shows you how to set up websites and start making money on auto pilot.

Well, I’ve been getting a lot of emails and phone calls asking if that was me on the infomercial. I’ve even had people stop me in the grocery stores, here locally in Atlanta, asking me about the commercial.

Well, the answer is…

I’ve Got…The Blues? Give Me A Break!

posted by Antonio Thornton @ 8:50 AM
Friday, June 8, 2007

Was looking for lyrics to a song…I accidentally ran across these lyrics to a popular ‘blues’ song…

Boys I’m most done travellin’, Lord I’m at my journey’s end
B’lieve I’m most done travellin’, Lord at my journey’s end
Well I been lookin’ for me a good partner, bad luck is my best friend
Lord I was born for bad luck, bad luck is everything I see
I was born for bad luck, bad luck is everything I see
Well I wonder why, bad luck keeps on followin’ me
There was thirteen children in my family, I was the last one born
Thirteen children in our family, I was the last one born
I was born on bad luck Friday, lord on the thirtheenth morn’
[Play it Jim]
Bad luck is just like my shadow, follow me everywhere I go
Bad luck is just like my shadow, follow me everywhere I go
Till they follow me one time, back to my best gal’s door…

Okay, maybe it’s just me…but does anyone feel ‘better’ after listening to this?

People ask me why I don’t listen to music and watch television – Duh.

Of you listen to the blues – STOP!

Taking in negative energy like the news can be challenging enough, but when you couple negative energy it with music, you’re actually making it much more powerful.

Here’s why:

When you hear music, the ear converts the sound waves (energy) into vibrations in specific parts of your inner and middle ear. These vibrations are translated into action potentials (stimuli) that travel through nerve to the brain stem, the thalamus, and the auditory cortex. Based on the research that’s been done it appears that the brain takes a song and translates it into it’s own neurosymphony-sending massive amounts of electrical impulses to various parts of your brain. These impulses generate thoughts, feelings, and emotions and are reportedlyconnected to memory.

In plain English – when you hear music (ANY music), it stimulates a part of your brain that’s connected directly to your emotions & memory. That’s why when you hear a certain song, it brings up the same feelings you had when you listened to that song the most. Also, you can hear a song that you haven’t listen to in 15 years and remember every lyric.

So what’s my point?

Because you’re stimulating parts of the brain that control emotions, thoughts and memory while taking in negative song lyrics, you’re reinforcing those lyrics with the ‘power’ of music. Not good :-(

Practical Application
Take 2-3 hours this weekend and look through all the music you listen to (also the radio stations you listen to)… If it’s not uplifting, motivating or empowering…please consider changing your music selection.

If it’s about losing the love of your life, having bad luck, or “dropping it like it’s hot” – Trash it!

Yours in Creation,


Rendezvous With The Repo Man

posted by Antonio Thornton @ 1:11 AM
Friday, May 25, 2007

March 23,1998 –

I was awakened by the sound of chains rattling
outside my window…

no it wasn’t Casper the friendly ghost…

it was

Great News! My Assistant Just Quit!

posted by Antonio Thornton @ 8:38 PM
Monday, May 21, 2007

I’ve got some great news… My assistant just quit.

Here’s why it was good news…

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