The Law Of “Attractive”?

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by Antonio Thornton on Monday, October 23, 2006

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I’ve found that there are two opposing schools of thought regarding “human attraction”…specifically as is relates to the Law Of Attraction

The first theory of human attraction says that people are “attracted to” people with traits opposite to their character. As one would say, “those two people really compliment each other…she’s outgoing and he’s an introvert.” In other words “Opposites Attract”.

On the other hand, the law of attraction states that people with certain traits are “attracted” or “drawn to” to other people who have similar traits.

“Like Attracts Like”, “Birds of a feather, flock together…”, etc.

So which is it? Does like attract like or do opposites attract?

The very concept of the law of attraction only supports the latter. Begin: that which vibrates on the same vibration level is drawn towards the same. A good example of this is you took two drops of water (that have the same vibrational resonance) and sat them next a few millimeters apart from each other…the drops would be drawn towards each other and eventually become one drop. This is why when you’re thinking about something, it’s drawn to you.

Men and women have different ideas of what’s attracTIVE… I emphasize the “tive” because I specifically talking about preferences or likes. But if those likes are what is attractive to a person, then how could opposites attract each other?

I think then it becomes a matter of choice. What is attractive or appealing to you may override the natural ‘attraction’ that the Law Of Attraction suggests. Meaning: if this person has other qualities that you’ve given more preferential weight to, then the Law Of Attraction is only a secondary influence…but still an influence none the less. (On a side note: that may be why there are so many divorces).

More on this in a later post.

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