The Secret Blueprint For Your Ideal Life

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by Antonio Thornton on Monday, November 2, 2009

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Ideal Life BlueprintWe know that in order to build anything we need to have a goal. In order to achieve that goal planning and preparation are required. The same could be said for your life.

The following are highly effective ways you can create a blueprint for your ideal life:

  • Know that you are precious and so is your Life! There is only ‘one’ you. You deserve to have the best in life. Don’t let anyone or anything make you believe otherwise. Decide today that you will not take your life for granted.
  • Know that only ‘YOU’ can make the changes in your life.  Don’t wait for someone or some situation to carve out your life.
  • Right now, right this moment tell yourself. “No more will I live without purpose!” Create goals for your life; make a schedule for the day. Let ‘PURPOSE’ give direction to your life.
  • Have a BELIEF SYSTEM. Figure out what you believe in and what is important in life. People who do not have some belief in some form of “Higher Power”, go through life aimlessly. Convictions will give a firm foundation to your life.
  • Don’t stand alone; create a support system. Never be ashamed to ask for help. Admit when you are wrong and take council and advice from those who are trustworthy.
  • When you slip (we all do from time to time) get up and start again. Don’t be too hard on yourself; remember it’s human to err! Don’t wait ’til tomorrow but start again NOW.
  • Above all and at all times IMAGINE yourself in the place that you desire to be. ‘Day dreaming’ is not bad when backed by action.
  • From time to time re-evaluate your goals, beliefs and the progress you are making. With age and experience we all have to adjust.
  • Enjoy a new life within and without!

When you make these changes you will find a new vigor and zest for life. Amazingly, it will not only affect you but slowly and surely even those in close contact with you.  This should give you an added inspiration to make life altering changes and not waste one more moment of your precious life.

Let your life be a journey with an amazing destination.

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