The Secret Scam

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by Antonio Thornton on Thursday, March 15, 2007

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Apparently, there are a few people exploiting the success of The Secret by scamming people with non-existing programs and some type of ponzi scheme. I’ve just gotten notice of this, so I don’t know all the details now. As I get more information, I’ll let you know.

Please don’t get this confused with the Official Secret Program ( offered by a few of the teachers of the secret. click here to find out more

The best thing I can say right now is to only buy products/programs from people you know and trust

Here are a few people whose products I’ve personally bought, used and highly recommend:

Mike Dooley
Bob Doyle
Robert Anthony
James Ray
T Harv Eker
Bob Proctor
Jack Canfield
Joe Vitale

You can also, get things from other teachers from the secret and from all the people on amazon.

And of course, you know me…you can feel safe buying any of my products ;-)
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Hope this helps!


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