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by Antonio Thornton on Tuesday, December 12, 2006

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I hear so many people talk about how stressed out they are during the holiday season.

The usually is a result of the whole “gift giving”, cooking, preparing for company…

I can’t help but wonder how the holidays have come down to such details… the details of what to buy for friends and family, whether or not they’ve gotten a gift for everyone who may have purchased one for them… did they spend enough on the gifts they got for people and… the main question I hear all the time is: “do I even HAVE enough money to buy everything I need for the holidays?

I’m not the Santa Claus hat wearing type, but from my understanding, the holidays are not supposed to be like this.

The stress of fighting your way through overcrowded shopping malls and frantically trying to prepare holiday dinner for 20 guests leaves little left to ENJOY. People are so busy getting ready for the big day that we forget that we should be appreciating our friends and family, spending time with them, and being thankful for everything we have in our lives.

So this year- decide not to be stressed.

That’s right, you can avoid the typical season of stress simply by deciding not to be stressed out. Instead of spending tons of money on things to give everyone, consider giving your time… or better yet, teach them about the Law of Attraction or Psycho-cybernetics. When you teach someone you care about the Law of Attraction you give them a gift that’s worth more than money can buy… and one that they will have for the rest of their lives!


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