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by Antonio Thornton on Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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As of November 14th, 2007, I will no longer cook any meals for myself.

I had an epiphany.

Earlier this week, I was making one of my favorite ‘morning meals’ – oatmeal.

For some reason I decided to time myself to find out “once and for all” how long it takes me to make oatmeal. Well, I found out –

23 minutes.

Okay, all the ‘cooks’ out there are probably saying, “what in the ____ (insert expletive here) are you doing that it takes you 23 minutes to make oatmeal?!?”

Well, what I’m doing is besides the point… the fact is: I can’t cook.

The box says it will take 5 mins.. but it takes me 23 mins. So clearly something is wrong. The oatmeal tastes great, but it takes entirely too long for me to make.

I did the math… I’m losing $419 every time I make oatmeal. It would be less ‘costly’ for me to hire a driver and drive to West Egg Cafe (a FABULOUS breakfast spot in Atlanta) get me a bowl of oatmeal that’s even better than mine and bring it back to me.

Now to some, this may sound ridiculous, but let me show you what I mean.

I eat 5 times per day… so, if every meal I had took 20 mins to make that’s 100 mins per day of cooking. 3,000 minutes per month – 50 HOURS! That’s a whole weeks worth of work for most people.

So, calculating the amount I make on an “hourly” basis, I could hire three 5-star chefs to make breakfast lunch and dinner for me – EVERY DAY!

Despite that, I don’t like cooking.

So 2 days ago I had to run some errands… bank deposits at two different banks, cleaners, grocery store to get milk & fruit, office depot, post office and Radio Shack. I took me 3 hours to do this – a total WASTE of my time. I’m hiring a personal assistant – Even at $100 per hour, it’s worth it.

Practical Application

Specifically if you’re a business owner, decide what’s important and do that. Know how much your time is worth per hour and don’t do the things that don’t equal or exceed your hourly rate.

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