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These are the top user rated Law Of Attraction Posts:

#1 Rendezvous With The Repo Man – In a financial bind? Read this post! I talk about my experience with getting my car repossessed and how I was able overcome this “embarrassing” and humiliating experience.

#2 You Mother F***er! (ThinkBanc Subscribers Only) – Kids will be kids. I talk about the two kids who “taught” me about cursing.

#3 Finally, Scientific PROOF It Works! – Ever wanted “PROOF” that the Law Of Attraction Works? Finally, here scientific proof!

#4 You Better Watch Out, God Is Coming To Town – My experience with a “good christian”. One of my most controversial posts…but also one of the most popular.

#5 I Hope You Get What You Deserve – One of the most “uncomfortable” aspects of the Law of Attraction… nothing shows up that we didn’t attract to ourselves.

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