What Do You ‘Thinketh’?

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by Antonio Thornton on Thursday, July 3, 2008

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In As A Man Thinketh, James Allen said, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

When your thoughts and desires are supported by emotions the universe responds quickly. Your
emotions are the foundation for manifestation.

If you feel bad, you will attract bad things. If you feel good, you will attract good things. Be aware
of your feelings at all times so that you are able to transform negative feelings into positive ones.

I want you to really ‘get’ what Allen is saying here

‘As a man thinks in his HEART, so is he.’

It’ very important to understand that he’s talking about the FEELINGS that are behind the things
you say and do.

It’s not enough to say empty affirmations everyday with no emotion or feeling behind them. It’s the
e-motion (energy in motion) that activates the Law of Attraction.

So I ask, ‘How do you FEEL about the things you want?’

Are you SAYING ‘I want another job…’ but FEELING afraid?

Are you SAYING ‘I want more money…’ but FEELING like it’s too hard to make more money?

Are you SAYING ‘I want a mate…’ but FEELING like you aren’t worthy?

Be sure the feeling is supporting (not contradicting) the things you desire for yourself.

Allen sums this up wonderfully in his book, ‘As A Man Thinketh’.

In case you haven’t read the timeless classic, I’ll have a downloadable version for you here:

As A Man Thinketh

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