Where Do The Bullets Go?

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by Antonio Thornton on Tuesday, January 1, 2008

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I’m sitting here, planning my projects for Q1 and suddenly I hear gunfire right outside my window.


Having experienced the things I have in the past, gunfire outside your window was never a good thing.

Oh…silly me.

It’s New Years eve. A day where it’s apparently “okay” to shoot guns into the air. (It’s still illegal, but no one gets arrested for it)

2 questions:

1. Are people THAT excited about New Year’s that they get the urge to shoot guns? I’m imagining this conversation, “5,4,3,2…1 … HAPPY NEW YEAR’S!! Hey, I think I want to shoot a gun.”

2. Where do the bullets go? I’m imagining that based on this “wild ‘n wacky” concept called the Law Of Gravity (ya know…what goes up, must come down?), the bullets have to come down somewhere.

Does anyone think about stuff like this?


Oh well… for what it’s worth…Happy New Year’s.


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