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WWWOOOOWWWW! The “Law” in Action…

Posted By Antonio Thornton On April 6, 2007 @ 2:41 pm In Law Of Attraction,Law Of Attraction In Action | 6 Comments

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Okay this is going to BLOW YOU AWAY. I’m still a little shaken about the whole thing.


Okay if you haven’t read the post from yesterday Yoosta Was A Roosta [2] read it now…because this post isn’t going to make anysense if you haven’t read it.

Alright, have you read it?

Now, if you aren’t sittting down…sit down…you may even want to lay down! :-)

Get this…

~~ I actually ran into the woman I was talking about in the post!!! ~~


This is blowing me away!!!!!!!!!

I haven’t seen this woman in abo]ut 9 years…but yesterday, I write a post about her yesterday, then I run into her today. Isn’t that amazing?

And here’s what’s even more “weird”…

When she saw me, she said to me (before I could open my mouth) “I was just thinking about you 5 minutes ago”


(by the way, she doesn’t know anything about the Law Of Attraction)

Even more freaky, I saw her in a grocery store that I NEVER shop at…because I don’t live on that side of town AND she was only in that store because she was babysitting her granddaughter that day!

I’m still shaking…

Sorry for all the grammatical and spelling errors, I didn’t have time to proof this because I just wrote it and posted it.

This is absolutely amazing.

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