You Can’t Win The Lottery If You Don’t Play

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by Antonio Thornton on Saturday, March 10, 2007

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I just got off the phone with Rodney and he asked me a really interesting question.

We were talking about how 95%+ lottery winners are broke a year after they win…and he asked, “Why does the Universe give these people this money when they’re just going to lose it? If they still have a broke person’s mentality and they’re going to be back in the same position, then how is it that they ‘attracted’ the money in the first place?”

I thought this was a really GREAT question….

I don’t have the exact answer, but here’s my theory…

Imagine a business owner (Bob) who’s going thru a tough time in his business (an electronic store) and needs an influx of $100,000 to save his business. So Bob’s at home, thinking about the $100,000 dollars, visualizing it, and going thru the motions to help manifest the $100,000.

We’ll on the other side of town…Larry the loser wins the lottery for 50 million dollars. He’s whooping and hollering about how much money he’s won.

So he gets his check and he starts ‘blowing’ his money. Cars…jewelry, clothes, etc.
Along the way he decides he wants a 50″ flat screen TV in every room of his new house, so he walks into Bob’s store and exclaims, “I want 10 50″ TVs for my new house…and I’m paying cash!”

So Bob comes out from the back…excited about his new customer…he helps Larry find the TVs he likes and at the cash register, he tallies everything up and the total comes to $98,950.

The $100,000 Bob needed.

My point is: beyond the lessons Larry will learn from blowing 50 million in a year, there are a lot of people who are going to benefit from the 50 mil that Larry spends.

  • The real estate agent for his house(s)
  • the car dealerships
  • the electronics stores
  • the clothing stores
  • etc.

This could be the Universe’s way of providing these people the income they may need to the things they want.

Just a thought…

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